About Me

So, what can I say about me?  I’m passionate about teaching and I love learning! And … I can help you!

I was 52 when I achieved my Masters degree;  some said it was a midlife crisis.  I like to think it’s because I’m a committed, lifelong learner, always wanting to challenge myself and to achieve.  I’m not sure what should be said about the sports convertible in the drive though!

Chrissie Harris

I’m told by my harshest critics – parents of my students – that my success is down to 2 specific things.

Yes, I’m experienced, qualified in teaching and my 100% GCSE pass rate speaks for itself, but they say it’s also down to the type of relationship I build with my students.

Chrissie English tuition can help you!

I see myself not just as their tutor, but also as a mentor, role model and guide.

I’m there for students to vent, to chat and most importantly, to learn!  And, I’m an extremely good listener too.  I am friendly and approachable and you should feel you can ask me anything – however silly it may sound!

My ethos is straightforward; I pride myself on my professionalism, reliability, integrity and patience.  Teaching is not just a job to me; it’s my passion.

My expertise and knowledge is borne from many years of personal and professional study, teaching and tutoring. I am a qualified teacher with QTS status and hold both a BA (Hons) and Masters in Education. I also hold a LTTC Level 7 Diploma in TESOL which equips me with the theory and knowledge I need to teach students where English is not their first language.

There are many that call themselves ‘tutors’, and seemingly offer similar learning opportunities, but hold no teaching qualification and it’s this which makes the difference.

I have the knowledge, expertise and experience to make sessions engaging and interesting and, combined with my passion for teaching, we will work together to help you learn, achieve your potential and reach your goals.

I tutor online using the latest technology, but also offer face to face teaching in my local area of East Norfolk.

One to one teaching face to face is intensive, but there is nothing that matches it to focus in on concepts you struggle with and help you pass those exams! And 1-2-1 online teaching is just as rigorous; no longer the ‘poor relation’ to the face to face approach!

Whether to employ a tutor is an important decision and that’s why I offer a free, no obligation video call or, if you’re local, an informal meeting in person. This is where we discuss your needs and the needs of your child.

So, please do get in contact by filling in the form below, texting or emailing me to my details above and I’ll come back to you very soon.

Remember, I can help you! Get ahead with English by learning with me ….

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Address: Church Lane, Gorleston, NR31 7BG

Phone: +447957807011

Email:  learn@chrissieenglishtuition.co.uk

Business Hours: 0900 – 1800 hours, Monday to Friday

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