1-2-1 online English tuition

1-2-1 online English tuition

For GCSE ...

The same quality, ‘tailored to you’ tuition as face to face learning, but this time 1-2-1 online English tuition using the latest digital technology.

Learning online has become really popular! Virtually anything that we do in a face to face learning environment can be done online; with bells on!  The bonus here is that we also have access to a world of digital wonder to help us understand concepts and build knowledge.

If you need help with preparing for your GCSE English exams, but don’t live in the East Norfolk area, then online tuition with me is the way to go!  Just as good as sitting at the same table together!  Screen sharing, dual annotating, sharing documents, online games and much more.  Truly a corraborative learning experience.

To develop literacy skills

Struggling with English at school?  Feeling the pressure to ‘get it’, but feel unable to ask your teacher to help?  Worried about your friends thinking you’re stupid?

I can help you!  Just us, communicating via videotelephony and online chat services, no rush, no pressure.

You know how it is; phonics tests, SATs tests, end of year exams.  Always the burden to ‘perform’, pass an assessment, if all this isn’t tough enough, maybe you’re struggling to keep up in class too?

Look no further.  I will help you understand how our wonderful language works and build your knowledge and skills so you feel more confident; ensuring you keep up!

1-2-1 online English tuition is no longer the poor option, online sessions are just as intensive and constructive as face to face learning.  I welcome both primary and secondary students.

Developing literacy skills
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