Quality English tuition online and in the Gorleston area

Looking for tuition for GCSE English?

Struggling with English at school or college?


My name is Chrissie


I provide English and literacy tuition online and in the Gorleston, Norfolk area


I support students by building their confidence and teaching them the skills they need to understand and achieve in English


From young learners to GCSE  and beyond!


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Chrissie English tutor

Quality English tuition online and in the Gorleston, Norfolk area

Need tuition for GCSE English?

My name is Chrissie

I provide English and literacy tuition online and in the Gorleston, Norfolk area

I support students by building their confidence and teaching them the skills they need to understand and achieve in English

From young learners to GCSE  and beyond!

‘English tuition with a private tutor is more focused, intensive and productive compared to any other type of learning’


I am a qualified English and ESOL Teacher providing first class online and face to face English tuition!

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1-2-1 face to face tuition in East Norfolk

Are you looking for 1-2-1 learning support and guidance?  Perhaps you struggle with getting your ideas down on paper or are trying to work out what the pesky exam questions are asking you to do?  1-2-1 is the most intensive and individualised tuition service; bespoke, quality English tuition with a private tutor, local to you in the Gorleston area and tailored to your needs. No distractions, no frustrations.  On average, students improve by 2 grades during their time learning with me! If you want to join my exclusive 100% GCSE pass rate club, then read on.

1-2-1 online tuition

The same customised, quality English tuition, but online using the latest digital technology combined with simple, effective teaching methods.  Learn interactively with me taking advantage of a cloud based, peer to peer software platform. Click on the link sent before each session, use video with audio to communicate, share screens, upload documents and much more!  As easy as A, B, C!  You can learn with me anywhere in the world this way!

English for SEND students

Does your child struggle with reading and writing because of their specific learning needs? Do they find interacting socially difficult? I am offering English tuition online or in the Gorleston area for all students and have extensive experience in working with students on the autistic spectrum whose educational needs are a real barrier to their understanding of both verbal and written English.  Regular assessment highlights the areas that need to be focused on and innovative teaching methods and resources are used to make real progress!

English as a second, foreign or additional language

Would you like to learn or improve your English with a British native speaker?  1-2-1 intensive learning with me focusing on speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve your language skills and understanding of English.  Lots of practice with tricky pronounciation, comprehension and geeky grammar!

No pressure to learn at the same pace as everyone else.  We work through what you find challenging to help you feel more assertive and confident in English! Sessions are also available for small group learning with me; experience English tuition online or in the Gorleston area, East Norfolk.

Specialising in dyslexic students

Struggling with literacy because of dyslexia?  Family history of dyslexia?  A formal diagnosis or perhaps just struggling with making sense of letters, numbers and colours?  Is it affecting your learning and you're struggling to keep up at school or college?

I can help you overcome these difficulties, build your confidence in your ability, break down those barriers and enjoy learning once more!

I can create a calm, no pressure environment to support you through your learning journey, packed with positive encouragement and praise and achieving real results sooner than you think!

What are people saying about tuition with me?

“I cannot recommend Chrissie highly enough.  After level 3s in my son’s school GCSE and 2 subsequent resits, I turned to Chrissie in desperation.  My son had lost his confidence and any interest in English and felt that he would never pass his GCSE English Language.

With only 10 weeks before his next scheduled resit it was a tall order, but Chrissie’s calm and reassuring manner worked wonders with my son who can sometimes lose focus and struggle to engage.  Sessions were tailored to his needs and Chrissie very quickly built up a rapport with him.  Chrissie’s sessions built up his confidence again and gave him practical ways to approach the exam questions, which he had lacked on previous exam attempts.
With Chrissie’s help my son achieved a Level 6 in his latest resit, which is more than we ever thought possible and my son is over the moon! We are all so grateful to her and I cannot thank her enough.  If I ever need a tutor for my other children, I will come straight to Chrissie.”

Parent of year 13

“We can never thank Chrissie enough for moving our son’s GCSE grades from a low 3/4 to achieving grade 6 in both English Language and Literature!  She ignited his enthusiasm again for English and we are so grateful to her.

In addition, his improved writing flow and style increased his grades in other subjects; where he was able to structure and debate in his work, particularly in Geography. Their discussions on poetry increased his analytical skills.

Chrissie is always well prepared for the learning each week and set weekly independent homework tasks. Chrissie has a calm and friendly manner and developed a brilliant relationship with our son.  He became so motivated to do well across all of his subjects.

We are so grateful to her.”


Parent of year 11

“Chrissie is simply an amazing tutor. She has given my daughter the time, tools, support and knowledge to be able to tackle any English exam questions and the methods she learned filtered through to other subjects too.

Chrissie helped my daughter to understand that dyslexia is just a word, not a label and that obstacles can be overcome with hard work. The feedback and support from homework set was exceptional. We are waiting for her final results – but, she has gone up from a level 3 to 5/6 within 15 months.
Chrissie was also exceptional with her continual support and feedback to me about my daughter’s progress. I was always kept up to date and will forever be extremely grateful for Chrissie’s support.  I would absolutely recommend tuition with Chrissie to any pupil needing extra help.”

Parent of year 11

“Our daughter had English tuition this summer with Chrissie.

The service was absolutely excellent and my daughter is now fully prepared to start the new school year with the knowledge she has learned.

Definitely recommend to a friend and will use as a top up before her GCSEs.”


Parent of year 10

“I highly recommend Chrissie.  Over one year, my son who has complex needs went from not being able to read or write at all to enjoying books and reading more fluently every day with the support of Chrissie’s tuition. 

Chrissie also tutored my youngest daughter in maths and English and she improved in leaps and bounds, growing more and more confident with her learning. I would highly recommend Chrissie.”


Parent of year 1 and year 5

“Chrissie has helped our twin sons, who both suffer from Autism and learning difficulties.

They both loved working with Chrissie. She worked at their own pace and built up their confidence, so that they could enjoy college more and not be afraid to embarrass themselves in class.

Chrissie worked intensively with one of our sons to successfully pass his GCSE English and is currently supporting our other son through Functional Skills.

Therefore we heartily recommend Chrissie as a private tutor.”


Parent of twin college students

“Chrissie’s dedication and commitment to help my son with both English Language and English Literature was fantastic.

Her lessons were structured, well planned and her understanding of how my son learnt was highly intuitive. She has helped him to understand what a question is asking, and show him how to structure his answers. My son seems so much more confident in English as he approaches his GCSEs.”


Parent of year 11

“I cannot praise Chrissie and her teaching enough. Not only has she taught my son how to analyse and explore the deeper meanings of text, but she has given him the confidence to answer questions in a manner that helps him stand out from most.
Hopefully, this will help him gain those extra marks. This is a vital skill which has not only helped him with English, but also in all subjects requiring structured essay style answers.
Chrissie’s lessons were always well structured and she tailors them to meet the needs of my son.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Chrissie to anyone, I am convinced that my son‘s grades will be much better now having had these extra lessons than they ever would have been without.”

Parent of year 11

“Chrissie tutored both my children in turn as they went into year 11 to prepare them for their GCSE English Language and Literature exams. She really made a difference to their knowledge and skills and helped them both achieve a better grade, despite my son being dyslexic and struggling with GCSE English.

She was consistently professional and available to offer any help they needed as well as flexible when we needed to rearrange sessions.

I would highly recommend Chrissie to anyone thinking of engaging a tutor.  Thank you Chrissie.”


Parent of year 11s

“My son was unable to cope with mainstream education when he started at high school due to his complex behavioural and learning needs.  This made it difficult for him to have any formal education.  Chrissie taught him for a period of 2 years and he has made outstanding progress with his learning during this time.

Chrissie ensured he had a calm and nuturing environment in which to learn.  This resulted in him really enjoying his learning and the progress made is testament to that.

My son really struggled to read and write when he started at high school, but now he reads complex and demanding texts and enjoys doing it.  I am delighted to see my son happy and settled when learning and want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Chrissie for supporting us along an extremely difficult road.  He will now start at his new, specialist school with a positive attitude as well as a solid foundation.”


Parent of year 8

“Chrissie was always well prepared in advance for her lessons with my daughter.  She had both planned and resourced the lessons to an excellent degree.  My daughter had help with her English Language and English Literature GCSEs.

Chrissie’s style of teaching recognises a child’s strengths and interests focusing on positives to build confidence.  I saw an immense improvement in my daughter’s work through her lessons.  Chrissie always pushed her to do better every week.  I definitely recommend her.”


Parent of year 11

“Chrissie helped our son with his learning after he was diagnosed with dyslexia.

She tailored everything to meet his complex needs and helped him to make progress and stay focused. The strategies she taught him were so valuable to him. We cannot recommend her enough.”


Teacher and Parent of year 4

“I cannot recommend Chrissie enough. My daughter was struggling with both her English Language and Literature, but with Chrissie’s excellent lesson planning, dedication and support, my daughter really went from strength to strength.

Chrissie took the time to listen and understand the issues my daughter was experiencing and worked with her to progress.  A big thank you from both of us.”


Parent of year 11

“Chrissie has helped my daughter achieve grade 9’s in both English Language and English Literature.

She has been extremely supportive and has always given constructive feedback with my daughter’s work to help her improve and achieve her highest potential. Highly recommend her!”


Parent of year 11

“Totally recommend Chrissie. Her dedication and commitment to help my daughter get up to speed with both her English Language and Literature was fantastic.

Her lessons were well planned and her understanding of how my daughter learnt was something I hadn’t experienced with any teacher before. My daughter achieved a 5 in both subjects. Thank you for all your brilliant work Chrissie.”


Parent of year 11


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I am so excited to share with you that I am now officially an affiliate of No Hassle Website!

If you know me, you know that I would never promote or recommend something that I don’t believe in or that I don’t have first-hand experience with.

I am now delighted to be an affiliate of No Hassle Website. Not only are their products amazing and designed for non-techies like myself, they are also ridiculously affordable and their customer service is the best I have ever experienced.

If a non-techie like me can build a website in a couple of weeks (with the help of the amazing customer support of No Hassle), so can you! 

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