1-2-1 tuition – face to face

For GCSE ...

So, what is 1-2-1 tuition face to face? Put simply, it’s an intensive learning environment to focus on concepts you find more challenging.

I will support you through preparing for that elusive English GCSE;  it doesn’t matter which examining board your school uses, I can teach you how to deal with those awkward and difficult questions so you can feel confident in answering them.

You’re feeling the pressure to do well, but you just don’t ‘get’ English!  I work primarily with past exam papers so you’ll have plenty of practice ahead of time meaning you can go into your exam feeling super confident!

From punctuation to personification; analogy to alliteration; structure to Shakespeare; or developing and honing your skills of analysis,  English Language and English Literature will no longer be quite so intimidating!

Person writing

To develop literacy skills

Does your child need help with literacy?  Maybe they struggle with writing or need help with learning phonics? Or perhaps they find reading challenging and it’s a battle to get them to read each day?

I can help them! 1-2-1 tuition face to face sessions are perfect for this! I can support children through the literacy maze, helping them feel more confident and building their understanding.

I have extensive experience working with younger children building their knowledge and skill to enjoy English and embrace reading. My fun, engaging sessions will help them to do just this!

No distractions, no interruptions and no pressure.  Focused, creative and varied learning they will enjoy and lay the path to progress!  It’s a win-win for all parties!

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