Ending a year is a good time to reflect and 2021 should be no exception! The theme of this year should surely be ‘the best laid plans’ as I’m sure many of you reading this will have had to cancel or postpone at least a couple of things you planned for this year. Whether that was a summer holiday, a wedding, a theatre or cinema trip, visiting friends or relatives or nights out with your favourite people, I’m no exception with so much  shelved across my year; it seemed to be one thing after another and, this week, Christmas week, is no exception.

But what does this do to the equilibrium in our lives?

A lot, I can tell you. If we don’t achieve a healthy ‘balance’ of work, rest and play, we feel something’s missing. Something’s not right. Whilst we work hard during the week, we balance this by doing enjoyable things at the weekend. We look forward to our leisure time, our precious time.  If we don’t achieve that balance, then we get frustrated and disappointed and those feelings can impact negatively on our relationships and our confidence.  I suppose I feel a little let down by 2021. Although there have been some great moments, it’s fallen a little flat. Like when you start to blow up a balloon, stop for some reason, and the air slowly, pathetically leaks out

Yes, I did have a holiday – of sorts – not the one that was planned. Yes, I did finally get back to my favourite pastime, the theatre, but not to all that was booked.

What have I learned? I’ve learned to be more flexible and adjustable. Ready to deal with disappointment and get excited about making new plans instead of feeling sorry for myself that I can’t do whatever it was I had planned to do. Thankfully, I have stayed healthy and that’s a great blessing in itself.

www.chrissieenglishtuition.co.uk has grown this year which, again, is a bonus in the current climate and unlike so many others. I have returned to study, (my lifelong learner bone had been poking me again), this time with the Institute of Counselling, in conjunction with Glasgow university.  I’m now well embedded in my qualification to become a counsellor. I have a great circle of family and friends and they’ve continued to jog alongside me with all the usual ups and downs. I’m very well aware that not all have enjoyed the same security and constancy.

So, perhaps I’ll end 2021 with an optimistic look towards 2022. Let’s hope it brings more stability and more happiness for us all. After all, the best laid plans don’t always mean everything will go according to plan, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy whatever takes their place.