Specialising in dyslexic students

Break down those barriers and feel confident about literacy!

Scrabble learning

Hearing sounds and seeing letters differently?

Do you feel overwhelmed by sounds and letters?  Do you struggle to remember and find it difficult to spell and write confidently?  I specialise in supporting dyslexic students achieve their goals!

I can help you to overcome literacy challenges by devising and preparing resources that will equip you with these challenges head on!

Learn online or face to face with me!

Learn creatively using visuals and auditory tools

I have extensive experience in working with students who have dyslexic traits and am proud to say that regular and consistent sessions have shown real progress in the areas they have been challenged in.  Do take a look at my reviews from delighted students and their families!

I devise a bespoke, individualised learning programme using a unique resource bank as well as a creative teaching approach to target those tricky areas and support you into recognising sounds and building a foundation of vocabulary.

Don’t delay!  Early intervention is key to enhance knowledge and improve skills!

Young girl writing
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