What I Do

I offer English tuition online and in East Norfolk.

You know you need that Grade 4 at GCSE so you can progress your learning at 6th form or college, but how do you get it?

You also know that if you don’t achieve a pass (grade 4 or above), you WILL have to resit the exam.

Or maybe you want to study Psychology or Criminology at college and need a grade 5?

Perhaps you are a high flyer and want to aim for that elusive grade 9?

Or perhaps you struggle with English?  Or English isn’t your first language?


How can I help you? I support students in preparing for their GCSE English exams and motivate them to achieve their full potential.

Students improve, on average, 2 grades, when they learn with me!

One to one tutoring is intensive, but works!

I also help students who struggle with language concepts to overcome their barriers to learning.  My aim is to create a more positive and balanced learning environment which makes it more comfortable for them to learn and ultimately, enjoy and achieve!

Similarly, if you’re a non-native English speaker and want to improve your skills, then I can help you become more confident with English!

Girl studying with friends

My Philosophy

When I was studying to become a teacher, my philosophy was ‘to enrich my students’ lives with learning opportunities that actively encourage independent, expressive thinkers with the confidence to articulate their views positively’.

But, how can I help YOU?  I demonstrate this philosophy by building a relationship that gets the most out of my students, metaphorically holding their hand through the learning journey so they enjoy the process and go forward with a positive view towards ‘lifelong learning‘.

 My Methods

I would describe my teaching methods to be creative and relevant, differentiated and flexible, focused and challenging, friendly and approachable. 

One of my student’s parents described my approach to be ‘highly intuitive’ establishing a ‘brilliant relationship’ with her son.   Another commented on the ‘valuable strategies’ her dyslexic son had learnt to help him with his reading and writing.  My patience and dogged determination ensures that even students who might be ‘hard to reach’ experience a positive and fulfilling learning environment.

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 My Goals

In a nutshell, my goals for teaching and learning are that each and every student learns to love learning and views it as essential, both now and in the future.  I can help you do this!

Lifelong learners are interesting, imaginative and impactful.  They become high achievers, successful and positive.  If my students develop a love of learning and achieve their own goals too, then my work is done!

1-2-1 face to face tuition in East Norfolk

Are you looking for 1-2-1 learning support and guidance?  Perhaps you struggle with getting your ideas down on paper or are trying to work out what the pesky exam questions are asking you to do?  1-2-1 is the most intensive and individualised tuition service; bespoke, quality English tuition with a private tutor, local to you in the Gorleston area and tailored to your needs. No distractions, no frustrations.  On average, students improve by 2 grades during their time learning with me! If you want to join my exclusive 100% GCSE pass rate club, then read on.

1-2-1 online tuition

The same customised, quality English tuition, but online using the latest digital technology combined with simple, effective teaching methods.  Learn interactively with me taking advantage of a cloud based, peer to peer software platform. Click on the link sent before each session, use video with audio to communicate, share screens, upload documents and much more!  As easy as A, B, C!  You can learn with me anywhere in the world this way!

English for SEND students

Does your child struggle with reading and writing because of their specific learning needs? Do they find interacting socially difficult? I am offering English tuition online or in the Gorleston area for all students and have extensive experience in working with students on the autistic spectrum whose educational needs are a real barrier to their understanding of both verbal and written English.  Regular assessment highlights the areas that need to be focused on and innovative teaching methods and resources are used to make real progress!

English as a second, foreign or additional language

Would you like to learn or improve your English with a British native speaker?  1-2-1 intensive learning with me focusing on speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve your language skills and understanding of English.  Lots of practice with tricky pronounciation, comprehension and geeky grammar!

No pressure to learn at the same pace as everyone else.  We work through what you find challenging to help you feel more assertive and confident in English! Sessions are also available for small group learning with me; experience English tuition online or in the Gorleston area, East Norfolk.

Specialising in dyslexic students

Struggling with literacy because of dyslexia?  Family history of dyslexia?  A formal diagnosis or perhaps just struggling with making sense of letters, numbers and colours?  Is it affecting your learning and you're struggling to keep up at school or college?

I can help you overcome these difficulties, build your confidence in your ability, break down those barriers and enjoy learning once more!

I can create a calm, no pressure environment to support you through your learning journey, packed with positive encouragement and praise and achieving real results sooner than you think!

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