It wasn’t until many years after leaving school did I realise I belonged to a special group – those who never want to stop learning. Being open to lifelong learning, whether it’s for the workplace or just because, means you stay open minded, curious and keen to soak up new knowledge.

I was a typical student at school. I had good days and bad days. I probably could have tried harder, but there always seemed to something more important and exciting to do!

It wasn’t until I hit middle age that I caught the learning bug. I’m not sure exactly what started it. I had to update my qualifications to continue in the job I was doing, but that started a rollercoaster of studying which hasn’t really stopped since. I just can’t help myself. It’s almost as if my brain won’t switch off from wanting to learn new things.

Most people know me for my teaching expertise and it was 10 years ago when I branched out on my own as a private tutor. I get a lot of satisfaction from my little business Chrissieenglishtuition and have met some lovely families and students over the years. I’ve kept myself up to date with a myriad of lifelong learning opportunities, but towards the end of 2021 I felt I wanted to learn something entirely new.

After much soul searching and research, I’m now partway through a level 9 course to become a counsellor with the Institute of Counselling and I’m enjoying every minute of it! What will I do when I finish in 18 months time? I’m not sure yet, but this learning experience is teaching me so much about myself as well as the skills and theoretical knowledge to become an effective counsellor.

So, lifelong learning – are you with me? Don’t think when you leave school, college or university that’s the end of your learning journey. You’re never too old to learn something new! Why not learn a new skill in 2022?