English for SEND students

English for SEND students

Struggling with English?

Are you finding English difficult?  I offer English for SEND students at all ages and abilities.

Maybe you feel confident in your speaking abilities, but find writing anything down a real challenge.

I can help you overcome your barriers and feel happier about your literacy skills.

Are you a home educated student?  Come and learn with me!  Your learning will be focused according to your needs and circumstances.

Sessions with me are fun, creative and engaging.  I offer English for SEND students and my aim is to help you feel comfortable learning with me in order that we can tackle those tricky literacy skills together.

Are you at college?  Perhaps you need to pass a Functional Skills test or GCSE English to progress to the next level of a vocational course?  I can help you with that!

We will work at your pace to ensure your understanding is in place before moving on.  You’ll quickly see real progress and, in no time at at all, begin to see things more clearly!

See things more clearly
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