I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at stopping and reflecting!  What are the 10 things I should be grateful for?

Lives are so busy these days with work, family, friends and a social life, that I have to be tough on myself to stop for a second and reflect upon what’s happened.  How I’m feeling, what I might need to change or set realistic goals for myself going forward!  With that in mind, I thought a blog about what I’m grateful for, giving me time to reflect and appreciate, might be just the ticket!

1  Work is busy – My tuition business is ticking along nicely, despite slowly emerging from a pandemic like so many other businesses.  My waiting list is growing daily.  After a few difficult months last year, I’m beginning to see growth again and am proud to be running a business that’s so successful!

2  Family – I’m always grateful for my supportive family and for the joy my 2 sons bring me.  Embarrassingly, I’m not so good at letting them know that!  Sometimes, we need to make sure we do, don’t we?  We know how delightful it is to be appreciated and loved by others, but we also need to regularly tell those we love them too!

3  Good health – Not so young these days and, after a major operation last year, am so grateful to be back on my feet and enjoying life more.  Just like our family, we often take our health for granted, until there’s a hiccup!  Quality of life is so important and good health is a large part of that.

4  A warm, comfortable home – So many don’t have this luxury.  I’m often reminded of my 4 years working in El Salvador, a struggling third world country, remembering the thousands of fragile, cardboard shacks that many families called home.  I’m so fortunate to not have to think about the roof over my head.  Living at the beach in Gorleston-on-sea is a great bonus too!

5  Food on the table – Once again, something we may take very much for granted, but a necessity and a real pleasure in life.

6  Access to the Internet – Yes, really!  Where would we be these days without Internet?  We rely on it so much for everyday tasks and I certainly couldn’t do without it.  My online tuition business would really suffer without superfast broadband.

7  Money in the bank – One of my students said to me the other day, when I mentioned I owned a piano and played it regularly, that ‘I must be loaded to own a piano’!  I’m not sure where that logic came from.  I’m certainly not rolling in it!  But, I can pay my bills with money left over for the fun things in life like holidays, meals out and being able to treat those I love.  I appreciate that security.

8  A lovely warm day – What is this fascination the British have with the weather?  I’m not sure where it comes from, but I’m always grateful when the sun shines and we can get outside to top up our vitamin D.  It makes us feel so much better, don’t you think?

9  A beautiful sunrise – Living on the East coast, just north of the most easterly point in the UK, Lowestoft, has its bonuses!  If I can get up that early, there’s nothing more uplifting that a glorious sunrise.

10  Banoffee pie – A real indulgence!  Not for the faint hearted, those of us with a sweet tooth (and one of our 5 a day!), will enjoy this mouthwatering dessert. The only question is ‘How big a piece can I realistically manage?

So,  when you’re feeling down or need a little mindfulness, think about what you have to be grateful for.  Evaluate your situation, allow your thoughts to leisurely wander, enjoy those emotions and think about what you appreciate in life.  10 things I should be grateful for?  It’s very cleansing, I can assure you!